Strategic consultancy

The strategy we create runs through all our lines of work. It's the guiding force behind every bold solution.

Design & Development

Our development team has been involved in numerous exciting and cutting edge development and mobile app projects

Digital Marketing

We're multifaceted digital marketers, we know what strategies to use for different businesses, with different goals.

Strategic consultancy

Before all else…you need a plan.
You have questions. We have answers.

Strategic consultancy

Our experience

Our experience at EDS includes developing and implementing digital strategies across all digital marketing channels including email marketing, ecommerce, website development, social media, search, PPC and SEO.

We've worked with a wide range of brands big and small to analyse and develop their key journeys & wider digital marketing activity, developing best in class digital strategies & campaigns to deliver ROI. Having walked in marketers' shoes first hand, we are well-versed to the business and marketing challenges brands face.

Take your digital marketing to the next level by with our digital strategy and implementing quick wins to increase customer acquisition, leads and sales

Our strategic expertise includes:

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • STEP 1: Business discovery
  • STEP 2: Digital Marketing Strategic recommendations
  • STEP 3: Strategic implementation and support
  • STEP 4: Performance tweaking or adjusting

Our experienced consultants are here to:

  • Help you find the best, most cost-effective route for designing and developing your website through our team's experienced insight.
  • Help define, name, and communicate your brand in a way that speaks to your target demographic.
  • Drive qualified traffic that engages with your website and yields sales or conversions.
  • Help you decide which mobile format (a mobile application, mobile website, or responsive website) will be most cost-effective and successful for your business.

Branding & Advertising

A common marketing flaw is the failure to understand the difference and relationship between branding and advertising. While both are key elements of marketing, and are delivered with the express purpose of increasing revenue, they do so in different ways, and each has the potential to make the other more or less effective.